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Where can I buy a Chinese guqin in Saudi Arabia

Date:2023-06-11 View:313

If you are in Saudi Arabia and want to purchase Chinese guqin, it may be difficult to find a direct retailer. However, you can try the following methods:

1. Check at the local Chinese Cultural Center or Chinese Embassy. They can provide information about manufacturers or sellers of guqin and help you arrange purchasing activities.

2. Search online for purchase options. Many online merchants now offer sales services for guqin, which you can purchase in Saudi Arabia and ship to your local area.

3. Consult local educational institutions or entertainment groups. These institutions may use guqin as their performance equipment and have some information for your reference.

4. Find the local music enthusiast community and consult. They may be able to provide you with information about purchasing guqin or help you contact local manufacturers.

In short, even if you are in Saudi Arabia, it is highly possible to purchase a Chinese guqin. I hope these choices are helpful to you!

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