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Where can I buy a Chinese guqin in France

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In France, if you are very fond of Chinese culture and music and want to buy a Chinese guqin to play or appreciate, this article will introduce you to some places where you can buy Chinese guqin.

Introduction to Chinese Guqin

Chinese guqin, also known as "qin", is one of the oldest plucked instruments in China. It has a very important position in the history of Music of China. The tone of the Chinese guqin is elegant and melodious, which can express deep emotions. Its music styles are very diverse, including ancient music, folk music, artistic opera, and so on. In modern music, the Chinese guqin is also widely used and has become a favorite instrument among many musicians and artists.

Where can I buy Chinese guqin in France

1. L'Instrumentarium

L'Instrumentarium is a musical instrument store located in Paris, selling a wide variety of musical instruments. In this store, you can buy Chinese guqin. The store owner will introduce different types of Chinese guqin to you and provide assistance and suggestions.

Address: 18 Rue de la Folie M é ricourt, 75011 Paris

Phone:+33 1 48 06 72 44

Website: http://www.instrumentarium.fr/

2. Galerie de la Vote

Galerie de la Voute is a shop specializing in art and antiques, located in Alsace in the east of France. The main business of this store is the sale of various artworks and antiques, but it also provides sales services for Chinese guqin. If you are in Alsace, you can consider going to this store to choose a Chinese zither suitable for you.

Address: 73 Rue du G é n é ral de Gaulle, 68240 Kayserberg

Phone:+33 3 89 47 21 04

Website: http://www.galerie-de-la-voute.com/

3. La Fl Å te de Pan

La Fl é te de Pan is a Paris based instrument store that sells various types of instruments. It is also a store that sells Chinese guqin for a long time. If you are in the city center of Paris, you can go to this store to choose your favorite musical instrument.

Address: 32 Rue de Rome, 75008 Paris

Phone:+33 1 42 93 58 97

Website: http://www.laflutedepan.com/

4. Dragon Musical Instrument

Dragon Musical Instrument is a sales shop specializing in selling Chinese musical instruments. This shop is located in Nice, Southern France. In addition to selling Chinese guqin, it also provides sales services for various Chinese musical instruments, such as erhu, guzheng, flute, and so on. If you are traveling in Nice, you can consider going to this store to purchase Chinese guqin.

Address: 12 Avenue Malaussena, 06000 Nice

Phone:+33 4 93 81 77 29

Website: http://www.dragonmusique.com/

5. Bizeul Instruments

Bizeul Instruments is a musical instrument store frequently visited by artists and musicians, located in the Brittany region of western France. In addition to selling various musical instruments, this store also provides services for artists to make musical instruments. If you are in the Brittany region, you can go to this store to choose your favorite Chinese guqin.

Address: 9 Rue de la Cit é, 22100 Dinan

Phone:+33 2 96 39 96 17

Website: http://www.bizeulinstruments.com/


Here are some places in France where you can purchase Chinese guqin, which are distributed in various regions of France. If you are in France, you can choose a beautiful Chinese guqin from these shops and take it home to play or appreciate. Note that for music enthusiasts, choosing a suitable guqin is very important. It is recommended to choose someone with professional knowledge and experience to help with the selection.

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