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Where can I buy a Chinese guqin in Germany

Date:2023-06-11 View:304

If you want to purchase a Chinese guqin in Germany, you can find a suitable one through the following channels:

1. Guqin specialty stores in Germany

You can first inquire at the local Guqin specialty store if there are any Chinese Guqin available for sale. Guqin specialty stores usually have a certain understanding and sales experience in different types of guqin. If they do not have ready-made Chinese guqin, they can customize or recommend according to your needs.

2. Antique or second-hand markets in Germany

There are many antique or second-hand markets in Germany where you can find a lot of guqin, including Chinese guqin. When purchasing, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality and reputation of the instrument, and you can also ask someone who is knowledgeable to help identify it.

3. International online shopping platforms

There are also many Guqin sellers from China on international online shopping platforms such as Amazon and eBay. Although this method purchases qin through online shopping and international logistics, it can also greatly ensure the quality of the qin.

It is worth noting that when purchasing Chinese guqin, special attention should be paid to the quality and maintenance of the qin. Chinese guqin has high environmental requirements and needs to be used in a dry and ventilated environment with suitable temperature, and regularly maintained. If conditions permit, professional personnel can be hired for maintenance and upkeep.

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