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Where can I buy a Chinese guqin in South Africa

Date:2023-06-11 View:294

South Africa, the magical and dynamic landscapes and rivers of the African continent, has a rich cultural atmosphere and is also an all-encompassing shopping paradise. For those who enjoy Chinese culture, Chinese guqin can be purchased in many places in South Africa, such as the following:

1. Chinatown

Chinatown is the largest Chinese restaurant area and one of the Chinese inhabited areas in Johannesburg, South Africa. There are many Chinese buildings and business centers here, such as Mancheng Chinese Restaurant, Big World memorial archway and Huayuan. Chinese merchants operate various Chinese products here, including musical instruments and equipment such as drums, flutes, erhu, etc., including Chinese guqin.

To buy guqin, it is best to go to shops near Beijing Road and Huanghuagang Park that specialize in selling guqin, and have professional teachers to guide you.

2. South Africa Chinese Culture and Art Center

South Africa China Culture and Art Center is a cultural institution jointly established by the Government of South Africa and the Ministry of Culture of China. Here, you can learn Languages of China, music, painting and other cultural and artistic knowledge, and also buy some traditional Chinese musical instruments, such as guqin.

3. Musical instrument store

Many cities in South Africa have instrument stores, which not only sell various instruments but also purchase Chinese guqin. For example, Joyous Music in Johannesburg, Marshall Music in Cape Town, and Music Connection in Durban.

4. Online shopping platform

The current era has entered the era of digital economy, and many products can be purchased online, including musical instruments. In South Africa, there are some well-known shopping platforms, such as Amazon, Takealot, Bidorbuy, and so on. These shopping platforms have many online stores opened by instrument stores, which can directly purchase Chinese guqin online.

In short, there are many places in South Africa where you can buy Chinese guqin. As long as you find the right place, you can buy affordable and high-quality Chinese guqin. Whether it's for professional athletes, Chinese people who love Chinese culture, or ordinary shoppers, you can buy satisfactory products here.

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