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Where can I buy a Chinese guqin in Sweden

Date:2023-06-11 View:329

Sweden, as a multicultural country, also has a certain market demand for artworks from different cultures. Chinese guqin, as an important part of traditional Chinese culture, has unique charm and value, and is also loved by Swedish music fans. In Sweden, there are some ways to purchase Chinese guqin.

Firstly, Chinese guqin can be purchased through online channels on websites in Sweden or other countries. Some internationally renowned guqin manufacturers, such as Gulangyu Guqin Production Institute and Zhang Ji, also sell their products online. On these websites, you can see photos, specifications, production materials, and price information of the qin, and choose the style and price that suits you to purchase. Before confirming the purchase, it is necessary to ensure reliable reputation and the quality of the piano to avoid purchasing counterfeit and inferior products, which wastes money and time.

Secondly, you can search for Chinese guqin at the local antique market or auction house in Sweden. In these places, you can find some older guqin, especially those made in the Qing Dynasty or earlier. When purchasing a guqin, special attention should be paid to its preservation and integrity, such as cracks or defects on the body, which can affect its performance and value.

Thirdly, you can also contact Chinese friends or qin friends in Sweden to find out if they are aware of anyone selling Chinese guqin. In the Chinese community in Sweden, there are many people who love Chinese culture and music. They may have Chinese guqin or know that they can buy it from other places. This can save some time and energy, and provide more detailed and accurate information.

Finally, if you have the time and opportunity, you can consider traveling or shopping in places such as China. China has a rich culture of ancient qin and a history of qin making, as well as many qin craftsmen and wholesale markets. In China, you can personally go to the piano shop to inquire, experience, test play, and purchase a guqin that meets your needs.

In general, you can buy Chinese ancient zither in Sweden through Online shopping, antique market, contact Chinese or zither friends, etc. When you buy, you need to pay attention to the quality and value of the zither to ensure that you can buy the right zither. Meanwhile, in the process of understanding and purchasing Chinese guqin, one can also gain a deeper understanding and experience of the charm of Chinese culture and music.

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