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Where can I buy a Chinese guqin in Spain

Date:2023-06-11 View:294

Guqin is one of the traditional Chinese musical instruments. Due to its profound historical and cultural heritage and unique musical charm, it has been increasingly valued and sought after by enthusiasts internationally in recent years. In Spain, due to significant cultural differences between China and the West, purchasing Chinese musical instruments is not very convenient. However, here are a few suggestions for purchasing Chinese guqin.

1. China Guqin Instrument Company:

China Guqin Instrument Company is a professional organization engaged in the manufacturing and sales of guqin. With years of experience in guqin production and exquisite craftsmanship, it not only has a high reputation in the domestic guqin market in China, but also exports to many foreign instrument markets. You can contact the company's agent or purchase directly online by visiting its official website.

2. Chinese stores:

Nowadays, there are Chinese stores in many major cities around the world, and Spain is no exception. Usually, these stores have a wide range of products, including products with Chinese cultural characteristics, such as antiques, Four Treasures of the Study, and so on. In the store, you can directly search for some traditional Chinese musical instruments. If the store does not have guqin or the selection is not ideal, the salesperson will provide you with some other suggestions.

3. Shipping:

If you know friends or relatives in China, your friends in China can help you find the guqin and ship it to Spain. However, it should be noted that guqin is a fragile item, and the mailing process may cause damage to the qin body. It is recommended to protect the selection of packaging materials.

4. Musical Instrument Store:

You can try to search for some local instrument stores and ask the salesperson if they sell Chinese guqin. However, this opportunity is relatively small, and international air freight rates are not low. If you want to purchase, you need to consider carefully.

It should also be noted that when encountering similar product selection difficulties, it is recommended to try purchasing a low-end guqin first. If you feel that you have sufficient capabilities and needs, then go buy a high-end harmonica.

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