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Where can I buy a Chinese guqin in Norway

Date:2023-06-11 View:300

Chinese guqin is relatively rare in Norway, but if you really need to purchase it, the following are several possible options:

1. Online purchase: You can search for "Chinese Guqin" or "Guqin" on websites such as Amazon or eBay. This is also a good choice for purchasing, but you need to pay attention to issues such as product quality, after-sales service, and delivery cycle.

2. Buy directly from China: If you go to China, you can buy it in a special Guqin market, such as Badachu Guqin Culture Street in Beijing, and then ship it back to Norway. Although this method is expensive, its quality and selection are more reliable.

3. Contct your local art association or guqin enthusiast association: If you post on the forum of your local art association or guqin enthusiast association, ask if anyone can sell guqin, or recommend some places to you for purchase. This method may take time, but it may result in better quality qin.

4. Find Chinese Cultural Centers: There are Chinese cultural centers in major city centers in Norway, where traditional Chinese cultural and artistic works are regularly displayed. You can keep an eye on the activity schedule and inform them of your needs. They may be able to provide you with information about where to buy Chinese guqin, or even recommend which Chinese music teacher can help you.

5. Ask for help at some regularly held second-hand goods markets: You can search for the instrument in the local second-hand market, and sometimes individual sellers may sell the instrument, such as a garage sale. Intermediaries can assist you in confirming its quality and evaluating suggestions.

Buying a Chinese guqin in Norway may take some time and effort, but this does not mean it cannot be purchased. Stay patient, connect with relevant hobby communities, and believe that you can always find a choice that meets the quality and budget.

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