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Where can I buy a Chinese guqin in Ireland

Date:2023-06-11 View:300

Chinese guqin is not common in Ireland, but you can try the following ways to find it:

1. Inquire at a local instrument store: In some major cities in Ireland, such as Dublin and Cork, there are specialized instrument stores where you can go to inquire if there are any Chinese guqin available.

2. Purchase online: You can purchase Chinese guqin through internet platforms such as eBay and Amazon. On these platforms, you can find instrument sellers from all over the world and directly place orders to purchase related products on the platform.

3. Consultation in conservatories of music and Chinese school: In some conservatories of music and Chinese school in Ireland, you can ask teachers or other Chinese students whether they have information about Chinese guqin. They may have relevant contact channels that can help you find suitable purchasing channels.

4. Search for Chinese communities: In some cities in Ireland, there are some Chinese communities and associations. You can contact these associations to inquire if they have any understanding and if they can provide or recommend ways to purchase Chinese guqin.

5. Purchase directly in China: If you have plans to travel to China or have business dealings with China, you can purchase Chinese guqin in China and bring it back to Ireland. This can avoid the problem of not being able to find a suitable piano in Ireland or having a high price.

In short, finding a way to play the Chinese guqin in Ireland may require some time and effort. However, if you cannot find a suitable instrument in Ireland, you can consider other alternatives, such as traditional Irish instruments or other Asian traditional instruments. These instruments also have unique timbre and cultural value.

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