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Where can I buy a Chinese guqin in the Netherlands

Date:2023-06-11 View:297

As a traditional String instrument, the ancient Chinese zither is one of the most representative instruments in Chinese folk music. Its long history, unique musical expression, and unique performance techniques are often paid attention to by music enthusiasts from various countries. In the Netherlands, if you want to buy a Chinese guqin, you can purchase it from the following channels.

1. Internet purchase

Nowadays, the most convenient and efficient way to buy Chinese guqin in the Netherlands is through internet shopping platforms. There are many music professional websites in the Netherlands, such as Music-Produktiv, Bax-shop, Thomann, etc. These websites offer a variety of musical instruments, including the Chinese guqin. Through these websites, you can buy authentic guqin from China in the Netherlands, and you can also choose different models, prices, and brands.

2. Music Store Purchase

Another way to purchase Chinese guqin is to go to a local music instrument store. In the Netherlands, there are many music instrument stores that offer various types of ethnic instruments, including the Chinese guqin. These music instrument stores usually guarantee the sale of authentic instruments and provide detailed information about the brand, model, and manufacturer of the instruments.

3. Art auction House

In the Netherlands, there are often art auctions from around the world, including the Chinese guqin. These Art auction houses usually have Guqin of different levels, from entry-level to expert level. If you have enough budget and want to buy a Guqin collection, then Art auction house may be the best choice.

Regardless of which purchase method you choose, remember to pay attention to the following points when purchasing Chinese guqin:

1. Choose legitimate merchants or channels to purchase authentic musical instruments.

2. Try to choose merchants with warranty and return and exchange services as much as possible, just in case.

3. Understand your needs and budget, and choose the appropriate model and brand.

4. Before purchasing, consider the transportation and storage issues of the instrument to avoid damage or quality degradation.

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