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Where can I buy a Chinese guqin in Belgium

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Belgium is located in the heart of Europe and is a country full of cultural diversity. If you are a piano enthusiast who loves Chinese culture and want to purchase an excellent guqin as your collection or playing equipment, then you may try the following methods:

1. Purchase at a local music store in Belgium. There are many music stores in Belgium that specialize in musical instruments, through which you can directly purchase Chinese guqin. You can search for local instrument stores through the internet or yellow pages, and contact them by phone or email to inquire about specific information such as the model, price, and origin of guqin. Some famous music stores in Belgium, such as Sax and J Thielemans&Co, Woodbrass, Keymusic, and others all have a rich supply of piano products.

2. Purchase on domestic Chinese websites or forums. Some piano companies or clubs in China often sell Chinese guqin online and sometimes tour around countries around Belgium such as Nordic, Netherlands, and Germany. You can find specific information through their websites or forums. The purchasing method is usually through mail order or express delivery, and you need to negotiate details such as price, shipping cost, and payment method.

3. Directly import from China. If you want to choose a higher quality and more traditional piano style, and domestic piano companies or friends are unable to meet your needs, you can consider importing directly from China. This requires you to determine the model, manufacturer, selling price, delivery time, and other matters of the piano, and contact domestic piano companies or distributors for transportation, customs clearance, and other procedures of the goods. Entering the harmonica requires additional payment of customs duties, value-added tax, and other fees, as well as waiting for a certain period of time.

4. Import from other European countries. If you cannot find your favorite type of piano in Belgium, you can consider importing from other European countries. Famous piano houses and exhibitions include Taubon in France, Bress in Switzerland, Motolek in Austria, and some online piano houses also offer international transportation services. Piano shops or exhibitions usually have piano enthusiasts from multiple countries participating, and there is also a great opportunity to find a suitable piano among them.

In short, purchasing a Chinese guqin requires consideration of its quality, cost-effectiveness, transportation methods, taxes, and other issues. As a buyer, it is recommended to first understand the strengths and weaknesses of each purchase method before deciding on the best solution for oneself.

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