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Where can I buy a Chinese guqin in Monaco

Date:2023-06-11 View:297

In the urban area of Monaco, you can go to the following places to search for Chinese guqin:

1. The Monaco Shopping Mall in the center of the city is a high-end shopping center where the Oriental Art Store can provide purchasing advice and information on Chinese guqin.

2. Art Trend, an organization dedicated to collecting art and cultural relics, may have Chinese guqin for sale.

3. Second hand market. Although not very common, you may find some guqin for non professional stages in the second-hand market around the city.

4. In the contact of local international friendship organizations or staff related to international trade, it may also be heard that there are merchants in Monaco that supply Chinese guqin.

Note: Not many people in Monaco are interested in Chinese guqin, so searching for guqin locally can be a challenging process. A better choice is to purchase abroad, or contact professional guqin musicians or professional museums worldwide to learn more specific information about purchasing, value, and preservation.

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