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Where can I buy Chinese guqin in Türkiye

Date:2023-06-11 View:316

Türkiye is a country with a long history of civilization and rich music culture, especially Middle East music and Folk music. With the development of the economy, international and cultural exchanges are becoming increasingly frequent, and more and more people are becoming interested in Chinese culture. As a representative of Chinese traditional music, guqin is also loved by many people in Türkiye. If you want to buy Chinese guqin in Türkiye, here are some useful information.

1. Search in the Asian region

Türkiye is located between Asia and Europe. There are many stores and markets with Chinese characteristics in Asia. You can find guqin in some shops in Asia, which often sell various traditional instruments from China. In the store, you can directly communicate with the seller about the type of piano, or you can actually try it out to choose the piano that best meets your needs.

2. Search for local music schools or professional stores

Türkiye has a number of music academies and professional instrument stores, where you can also try to find guqin. These instrument stores often offer a richer and more professional selection of instruments, while also paying higher prices.

3. Search online

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular and has become the way more and more people choose to shop. In Türkiye, you can find guqin on some large-scale e-commerce platforms, which can be domestic or overseas businesses. Of course, when choosing online shopping, it is important to pay attention to choosing legitimate merchants and brands to avoid deception and losses.

Whether purchasing guqin from stores in Asia, local music schools, or online, it is recommended to purchase a legitimate brand of guqin for better quality assurance.


There are many ways to buy Chinese guqin in Türkiye, mainly in stores in Asia, local conservatories or online. Regardless of the method, we should pay attention to choosing legitimate brands of guqin, as quality and after-sales service are more guaranteed.

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