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Where can I buy a Chinese guqin in Singapore

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There are several places to recommend when purchasing a Chinese guqin in Singapore:

1. Taoist Mission Bookstore

Taoist Mission Bookstore is one of the most famous Guqin instrument sales stores in Singapore, located near the vegetable market in Niucheshui. The store offers a variety of qin instruments, including guzheng and erhu, with the most important being guqin. The quality of the piano products in the store is extremely high, with prices ranging from S $2000 to S $10000.

Address: 245B Victoria Street, Singapore 188032

2. Ruan's Music Workshop

Ruan's Music Workshop is another Guqin sales store in Singapore, offering excellent quality and after-sales service. The store is located in the Yangming Mountain Garden in Bukit Timah and provides teaching services. The price of a qin ranges from S $500 to S $8000, depending on the brand and quality.

Address: 157 Jalan Pelikat, # 01-01 Sunrise Building, Singapore 537190

3. Swee Lee Music Company

Swee Lee Music Company is one of the largest instrument retailers in Singapore, offering a wide range of instrument options, including guqin. The price of qin varies depending on brand and quality, ranging from S $500 to S $thousands. Swee Lee Music Company also offers online shopping and free delivery services, making it more convenient to purchase guqin.

Address: City Hall, 02-18, Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179103

Use the shops mentioned above or conduct further research to ensure that the shops you choose have quality assurance and that the quality of their instruments meets your needs, while also paying attention to whether the shops provide after-sales service.

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