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oil well shock sub for sale

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Shock Sub Supplier

  • www.shock-subs.com 

  • in oil and gas industry major shock sub oil and gas manufacturers and suppliers in China,contact us now for oil well shock sub price lists.shock sub oil and gas for sale

  • What is the operating principle and features of mechanical drilling jar?
    Using the principle of mechanical friction, the locking mechanism adopts a set of ribbed slips. The release of the slips is controlled by the deformation of the elastic sleeve under pressure, and the shock force is not affected by the temperature in the well. Mechanical drilling jar can be designed into two types, adjustable and non-adjustable. The shock force of the adjustable jar is adjusted at the wellhead, and the shock force of the non-adjustable jar is set when the product is assembled and cannot be adjusted on site, but the length of the whole machine is short, and the work is safe and reliable. Mechanical drilling jars have high requirements on metal materials and their heat treatment and machining accuracy.

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