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tubing centralizer for sale

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Tubing Centralizer Supplier

  • www.tubecentralizer.com 

  • contact us to inquiry on tubing centralizer  products price list.Tubing Centralizer is used to center the tubing and provide for easier entry into an MWR Cement retainer previously set

  • What is the work feature of tubing centralizer?
    The first feature is that the tubing centralizer ensures the center of the oil pipe and reduces the occurrence of eccentric wear. Second, it has simple structure, flexible rotation, small friction and good righting effect. Third, it is used at both ends of the packer, which can reduce the friction damage of the wellbore to the packer rubber tube and prolong the service life of the packer. Centralizer usually adopts two half part A&B. Centralizer block A and centralizer block B hold oil pipe tightly. The strong deformation force produced by the centralizer makes the centralizer and tubing fit closely without axial sliding. .

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