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NW Positive Rigid Centralizer for sale

Date:2021-04-22 View:541

NW Rigid Positive Pentralizer  Supplier

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  • What is the work feature of NW Positive (rigid) Centralizer?
    Rigid Centralizers provide a mechanism to center the casing in the hole and allow a uniform flow of cement around the casing to help protect the casing at all points. Various sizes and apertures, including turbulence generating designs, help to clean the annulus and make the cement more evenly distributed.
    All types of Rigid Centralizers provide sufficient clearance for fluid passage and are particularly effective in casing centering. This is also good in highly deviated wells and can improve cement flow by reducing channeling effects. All rigid centralizers are designed to maintain optimum flow, with fins or blades overlapping the entire 360 degree open circumference.

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