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shock sub drilling manufacturers and suppliers in China

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Shock Sub Supplier

  • www.shock-sub.com 

  • shock sub  drilling manufacturers and suppliers in China,visit our website to get shock sub drilling price list,shock sub drilling for sale.

  • What i (the function of the) drlling jar/earthquake?
    It is a tool that is used at the wellhead and relieves the sticking accident in the well. It is suitable for dealing with the sticking accidents that require downward shock such as keyway, diameter reduction, block drop, sticking and suction. It can also be used to relieve the fishing tool in the well. The DXZ surface hitch is used in the wellhead operation, whether any part of the drill string is stuck, slip-type downhole tools are stuck, fishing tools are stuck, or tools such as testing, workover, well washing, etc. are stuck, all can be used on the surface The lower hitter slams and releases the card.

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