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hydraulic power tong manufacturers in China

Date:2021-04-21 View:70

Hydraulic Power Tong Supplier

  • www.hydraulicpowertongs.com 

  • offering of hydraulic power tongs,China leader in providing hydraulic power tongs for land and offshore drilling rigs and well servicing

  • What are the characteristics of hydraulic power tong?
    Hydraulic power tong, which adopt advanced steering control structure and tubing clamping technology, and are equipped with hydraulic back tong, are ideal equipment for loading and unloading sucker rods, tubing, small casing and small drill pipes of various specifications in oil field workover operations.
    Hydraulic power tongs have the following characteristics:
    Operate the manual reversing valve on the main clamp, and the main clamp and the back clamp work synchronously.
    According to the need, it can be equipped with a special two-way sequence control device for tubing pliers, so that the back clamp can clamp the tubing before the main clamp, so that the tubing can be unloaded more safely and reliably.
    The inner curved roller climbing bidirectional clamping mechanism is adopted to tighten the tubing, which has the advantages of simple structure and reliable operation.
    The main clamp is equipped with automatic opening and closing safety door, which plays the role of safety protection.

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