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Shandong Lubin Jewelry Co., Ltd

Date:2021-09-30 View:47

Shandong Lubin Jewelry Co., Ltd., a branch of Lubin group, was established in November 1998, with gold jewelry retail as its main business, and began chain operation in 1999. Among them, the flagship store of gold building is a large professional gold jewelry brand store in China.

Main business scope:

1、 All kinds of gold jewelry are classic and fashionable treasures, mainly including Lao Fengxiang, Mingpai, Jinyi, Zhou Dasheng, adier, Lingyun jade, jade villa and other brands.

2、 Gold investment spot trading provides customers with a convenient platform for real-time quotation sales and real-time price repurchase.

3、 All kinds of craft gifts, investment and collection treasures.

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