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Shanghai Suyuan Jewelry Co., Ltd

Date:2021-09-30 View:46

Shanghai Suyuan Jewelry Co., Ltd

Su Su live

Su Su brand was established in 2011 and is subordinate to Shanghai Suyuan Jewelry Co., Ltd. The brand name Su Su Su is a combination of the initials of their English names, which means real, natural and pure. As local designers, Sava and ula not only have a unique understanding of fashion and a deep complex of traditional culture, but also advocate the modern continuation of folk handicrafts.

Shanghai Suyuan Jewelry Co., Ltd.: Su Suyuan creative jewelry was founded in Shanghai in 2005 by designers Sava and ula. Su Su creative jewelry led by Sava and ula presents a modern and elegant modern Chinese style. The combination of traditional symbols and Western design elements is simple and elegant; The combination of mild Sterling Silver and embroidery, mahogany, old porcelain, natural spar and other materials, perfectly combines traditional elegance with modern simplicity, endows silver with new connotation and temperament, and expresses its Chinese charm in a clever way. Whether it is classical elegance or modern fashion, Su element can show a unique brand image of a combination of Chinese and western. Now Su Su has more than 70 agents in China and has actively explored overseas markets. Sava and ula, brand designers graduated from design, inject new brand added value into the traditional jewelry industry through modern design, and change the profit model of traditional jewelry enterprises by introducing modern enterprise management methods. They integrate modern design with traditional elements, break through the single category of pure silver, adopt the combination of multiple materials, adhere to the one-stop service of independent innovative design, processing and sales, and hope to provide the public with original fashion accessories with modern Chinese style. Reviving and carrying forward national handicrafts has become a designer who hopes to build Su Su Su into a local original fashion

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