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Guangzhou Zhuoyang Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Date:2021-09-30 View:33

Guangzhou Zhuoyang Jewelry Co., Ltd. has three subsidiaries: Guangzhou dianlongjing Jewelry Co., Ltd., Guangzhou dianjingshi Crystal Jewelry Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou jingfengshang Jewelry Co., Ltd., headquartered in Guangzhou. Since 1998, the head office has introduced the business philosophy of Hong Kong, selected imported high-quality natural crystals and natural gemstones as raw materials, and formed a set of exclusive store model for successful operation of crystal jewelry with the fashionable business mode of "finished products first, supplemented by DIY (free matching)". After years of careful cultivation, Zhuoyang crystal jewelry has become a large natural crystal jewelry chain store in China.

Now, Zhuoyang crystal has become an excellent brand of natural crystal store, which is widely praised. In the future, the company will be a pioneer in the jewelry industry and create a Chinese brand.

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