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Petroleum equipment

Zhongyuan switchboard Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd

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Zhongyuan switchboard Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd

Zhongyuan switchboard Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Puyang City, Henan Province. Zhongyuan general machinery petroleum equipment Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise engaged in drilling, oil production, operation and other petroleum machinery manufacturing.

In 1997, we obtained ISO9001 international quality system certification. In 1999, it obtained API membership of American Petroleum Institute, and obtained API Monogram license for ten leading products, including drilling and workover derrick, pumping unit, oil well pump, sucker rod, tubing, drilling pump, rotary table, crown block and drill collar.

The company has a complete computer LAN system and advanced CAD, CAE, CAPP and other computer-aided design software, 950 sets of various cold and hot processing equipment, more than 50 sets of various types of CNC equipment, advanced CNC lathe, milling, drilling, boring and other fine processing equipment, first-class digital control heat treatment system, CNC riveting and welding parts manufacturing production line and "lost foam", "V" method precision casting The production line provides a reliable guarantee for the product manufacturing quality.

Business scope: production and sales: petroleum special equipment (certificate), sanitation vehicles and new energy vehicles, steel structure, special vehicles, trailers, intelligent parking; petroleum engineering, coalbed methane, shale gas engineering and technical services; sales: mechanical and electrical products, metal materials, building materials, office machines and tools; assembly of camping houses; rental of houses and equipment.

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