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Sanjack Petro,leading petro equipment manufaturer in China

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Sanjack petrol supply OCTG Tubing and Piping, such as OCTG Tubing, OCTG Casing, Vaccum insluation tubing and casing, Precision rolling pipe, Anti-corrosion and anti-wear tubing. Our OCTG Tubing and Casing are reliable and have very good quality.

Sanjack Petro has decades of history in tubing thread processing with advanced production equipment, complete testing methods and high-qualified inspection team. To ensure the quality of tubing products, our company strictly follows the ISO9001 and API Spec Q1 quality system requirements from the production process, process plan, testing methods and management system, and strictly implements API Spec 5CT,API Spec 5B and Sinopec Q/SHCG 18010-2016 “Casing and Tubing Purchase Technical Specifications”, combine the strict management, advanced manufacturing equipment with scientific inspection methods organically, grasp the quality control of each process, there is a complete quality control system from raw material inspection to the factory Inspection.


  • 1995
    Sanjack invested in the OCTG Tubing production line in 1995 and has since provided high quality OCTG Tubing to ShengLI oilfield and other major oilfields in China.

  • 1999
    In 1999, Sanjack established China’s first OCTG EUE Tubing production line, with an annual output of 100,000 tons. Sanjack’s OCTG EUE tubing is well received by all major oilfields in China.

  • 2000
    In 2000, sanjack successfully obtained API5CT qualification and exported 10,000 tons of OCTG Tubing to the United States in the same year.Shengji products began to go global.

  • 2003
    In 2003, Sanjack became the first Polycore Tubing Manufacturer in china. Up to now, Sanjack has provided 15 million meters HDPE liner tubing for more than 10,000 wells home and abroad. Polycore Tubing are exported to Oman, Bahrain, Ecuador, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Sudan,etc.

  • 2007
    In 2007, sanjack successfully obtained API Q1 quality management system qualification, the system covers the whole process of OCTG Tubing production

  • 2011
    In 2011, Sanjack Invented premium screw. This thread has a very high tightness, so that the Sanjack’s OCTG Tubing in the international market has a strong competitive advantage.

  • 2012
    In 2012, Sanjack built Vaccum insluation Tubing & Casing production line, with an annual output of 1 million meters. Sanjack quickly occupied the Shengli oilfield market, the market share nearly 90%. Vaccum insluation Tubing & Casing has exported to Canada, Kazakhstan, Oman Finland and other countries.

  • 2015
    In 2015, Sanjack established precision rolling pipe production line. The quality and accuracy are in the leading level in China. The annual production capacity reaches 4000 tons. Precision Rolling Pipe are provided to GE, SCHLUMBERGER, DOVER , etc.

  • 2018
    In 2018,Sanjack developed tungsten-plated OCTG Tubing & Casing, sucker rod, and established production lines. Based on the advanced nickel-based technology, Sanjack composite plated OCTG Tubing & Casing take the lead in China.

  • 2021
    Still enlarge our production capability and export to more countries.


  • OCTG Tubing Pipes

  • OCTG Casing

  • Vacuum Insulation Tubing & Casing

  • Precision Rolling Pipe

  • Anti-Corrosion And Anti-Wear Tubing

  • oil wellhead

  • oil pump jack

  • enhanced oil recovery

  • sucker rod pump

  • sucker rod rotator

  • etc.

Why Sanjack Petro Exported

Sanjack, as the Professional OCTG Tubing & Casing manufacturer, established OCTG Tubing & Casing production line in 1995 and the first EUE OCTG Tubing & Casing production line in China in 2000, as well as obtained API 5CT Certificate in the same year. Sanjack special OCTG Tubing & Casing can effectively solve the difficult problems in oil recovery such as corrosion and wear of oil tubing, scaling of water injection well, heat preservation in steam injection, which also have the best price/performance ratio in China.

  • SanJack OCTG Tubing & Casing has the best cost performance ratio in China.
  • Sanjack special OCTG Tubing & Casing can effectively solve the difficult problems in oil field production such as corrosion and wear of oil tubing, scaling of water injection well, heat preservation in steam injection.
  • Sanjack has 20 years of API 5CT OCTG Tubing & Casing experience.
  • Sanjack has 20+ years of experience in EUE OCTG Tubing & Casing.
  • Sanjack has 30+ Years of OCTG Tubing & Casing Manufacturing Experience.

Address:906 Xisi Road, Dongying City,Shandong,PR.China.



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