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Brake pads

RESMA,Qingdao Tianmo Asia Pacific Auto Parts Co., Ltd

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REMSA has been established for nearly 40 years and is a leading manufacturer of automotive brake parts. The production includes 99.4% brake pads and accessories of European, American, Japanese, Korean and Australian models, with an annual production of more than 100 million. As REMSA has always maintained the world's most advanced technology and first-class service, manufacturing high-performance and high-quality brake pads, in less than 30 years, the company has developed to 12 branches (10 in Europe and 2 in North America), and this rapid development is continuing to meet the needs of different markets. REMSA has an important position in the world brake Market and has become the most important supplier of auto parts, especially in Europe. In the North American market, we have also achieved remarkable results. OEM brands: Bosch, Valeo, Lucas, Phoebe, TRW Trina.

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