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TEXTAR friction material technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

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For more than 100 years, brake shoes have always been the world of TEXTAR. Founded in 1913 as a distribution company, timington group represents quality, safety and braking comfort all over the world. In the field of high performance, as the manufacturer of TEXTAR brake shoes, timington group is the choice of vehicles equipped with carbon ceramic brake discs. In addition, TEXTAR has worked with brake disc manufacturers to develop brake shoes for friction fit parts. Today, TEXTAR provides a wide range of products and services for cars in the current market. In the field of commercial vehicles, 70% of the vehicles equipped with drum brakes and 50% of the vehicles equipped with disc brakes are equipped with TEXTAR brake shoes on the production line. In vehicle technology, improving comfort and environmental adaptability has become a trend. Meanwhile, TEXTAR will continue its research and development in the direction of brake shoes. TEXTAR has no illusions about producing light weight products with less loss under the premise of low noise and less brake dust. The use of TEXTAR EPAD in the spare parts market and light – weight belagtr Ä gerplatten in the commercial vehicle market has now achieved great success.

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