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Ningxia horse racing industry Co., Ltd. (600449)

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Ningxia horse racing industry Co., Ltd. (600449)

The company is a cement production enterprise in Northwest China, mainly engaged in cement manufacturing and sales, cement products, cement clinker manufacturing and sales. The company has two holding subsidiaries of Qingtongxia cement company and Zhongning Saima cement company, which mainly use new dry process and wet process rotary kiln technology to produce cement. The company and its holding subsidiaries own the trademarks of "Saima", "Qingtongxia" and "Zhongning" which are famous trademarks in Ningxia, "Saima" and "Qingtongxia" which are national inspection free products, and "Saima" which are grade 32.5 and grade 1 Grade 42.5 ordinary portland cement is a high quality product of the autonomous region. In 2007, Sinoma and Ningxia building materials group joined together and became the masters of Saima industry. Sinoma Group is one of the 12 major cement groups supported by the state.

Ningxia horse racing industry Co., Ltd. is a joint stock limited company established by the way of initiation on December 4th, 1998. In August, 2003, the company successfully issued and listed its shares on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 600449). The registered capital of the company is RMB 144216000, with its registered address of 2km of xinxiaoline, Xixia District, Yinchuan city. It mainly deals in cement manufacturing and sales, and the manufacture and sale of cement products and cement clinker. As of December 31st, 2006, the company had a total asset of 1.333 billion yuan and a net asset of RMB 624 million; In 2006, the net profit was RMB 36.2222 million. The company currently has Ningxia Qingtongxia cement Zhenluo Co., Ltd. (the company holds 100% of its equity), Ningxia Qingtongxia Cement Co., Ltd. (the company holds 74.80% of its equity), Ningxia Zhongning horse racing Cement Co., Ltd. (the company holds 55.84% of the equity) Ningxia Shizuishan horse racing Cement Co., Ltd. (the company holds 95.38% of its equity) and other wholly-owned subsidiaries and three holding subsidiaries.

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