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The fishing steps are:

(1) The lower lead mold is used for underground exploration to understand the position and shape of the falling objects.


(2) According to the falling object situation and the size of the falling object and the annular space of the casing, select the appropriate fishing tool or design and manufacture the fishing tools and equipment by yourself.


(3) Prepare construction design and safety measures. After the approval procedures are approved by the relevant departments, the construction design shall be carried out for fishing treatment, and the downhole tools shall be drawn.


(4) The operation should be smooth when salvaging.


(5) Analyze the falling objects that have been fishing and write a summary.


Rod type fishing

Most of these falling objects are sucker rods, as well as weighting rods and gauges. The falling objects fall into the casing and fall into the oil pipe.


(1) fishing in the tubing


The sucker rod that is fishing and broken off in the oil pipe is relatively simple. For example, when the sucker rod is tripped, the sucker rod can be used to fishing the buckle or the lower Overshot. If the fishing is not up, the oil pipe operation can also be carried out.


(2) fishing inside the casing


Fishing in the casing is complicated because the casing has a large inner diameter, a slender rod, a small steel, easy to bend, easy to pull off, and complicated shape of the falling well. When salvaging, you can use the hook to lead the shoe Overshot overshot or loose-leaf fishing device to fishing. When the falling object is bent inside the casing, it can be fishingd with a fishing hook. When the falling object is compacted under the well and cannot be harvested, it is milled with a sleeve milling machine or a grinding shoe, and the debris is fishingd with a magnet fishing.


Small pieces of fishing

There are many types of small objects, such as steel balls, jaws, cones, screws, etc. Although such falling objects are small, they are extremely difficult to fishing. The tools for salvaging small pieces are mainly magnet fishing, a catch, and a reverse circulation fishing basket.


Commonly used fishing tools include Taper Tap, Die Collar, spears, and Overshot. >> sucker rod pump  tungsten carbide 18k gold ring allulose manufacturers


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