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Shenyang Jingxuan Trading Co., Ltd

Date:2021-03-08 View:454

Jingxuan jerxun

Jingxuan brand is subordinate to Shenyang Jingxuan Trade Co., Ltd. the company has strong strength, attaches great importance to credit, abides by the contract, ensures product quality, and wins the trust of customers with the principle of multi variety management characteristics and small profit and quick turnover. The company always pursues the enterprise tenet of "honesty and realism, committed to service, and only seeking satisfaction", and makes every effort to follow customer demand and continuously carry out product innovation and service improvement.

Shenyang Jingxuan Trading Co., Ltd. integrates product design, R & D, production, sales, management and service, and is committed to providing high-quality products and first-class services for customers at home and abroad. In China, there are dozens of distribution agents, and the products are sold to many countries and regions. We have close cooperation with many famous domestic tool manufacturers, and jointly grasp the global brand development trend and industry experience. Jerxun / Jingxuan, jerxun and jerxun tool are the hardware tool brands of Jingxuan, with more than 100 kinds of hand / electric tools. The times are changing, and Jingxuan tools keep pace with the times. In order to meet the market demand, constantly update products, improve distribution concept, and strive to satisfy every customer. Company tenet: easy to use, live with is called a tool. Any tool of Jingxuan brand requires quality assurance, and good tools are used. The company firmly believes that only products with qualified quality can have a long-term foothold. Therefore, Jingxuan tool has won the trust and support of customers with excellent product quality and excellent cost performance. Company mission: to be a standard, safe and convenient tool. As we all know, good tools can be used for a long time and save people from fire and water at a critical moment. The company is committed to creating products with high safety factor and putting life safety first to protect the safety of users. Company slogan: the pursuit of excellence, Jingyi refinement. Excellence is not a standard, but a realm. It's not good, it's better of the good. Excellence is a kind of pursuit. It is an attitude of giving full play to its own advantages, abilities and resources. It's not good to have good inspirational requirements for Jingxuan tools, but better is good.


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