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Hager Hager

Hagrid represents a complete low voltage electrical solution for residential, public, commercial and industrial buildings. It includes low voltage distribution system, cable management system (tehalit), intelligent control system and switch panel (tibis and Berker).

Excellent quality, advanced products, high standard modular design, easy to install, easy to operate features, and good customer relationship: "Hagrid" products have included all these characteristics.

Since the brand was founded, Hagrid has always attached great importance to the maintenance of brand quality, and has made great success in this regard. The full range of products developed by professionals can provide a complete solution combining high-tech standards with simple and comfortable operation.

Hagrid group was founded by hermanhager and Dr in 1955. Oswaldhager was founded with their father peterhager. Up to now, Hagrid group is still an independent family business headquartered in bleiskastel, salstate, Germany. Now, we have 11400 employees, 20 production bases around the world, and have won the trust of customers in more than 80 countries.

Hagrid group is a leading supplier of low voltage electrical solutions and services, and its applications include residential, commercial, public and industrial buildings.

We have a group of experienced top experts, dedicated to the research and development and production of solutions. Hagrid brand products, from distribution system, cable management system, building intelligent control system and switch panel to security system, represent the core business scope of Hagrid group. Other group brands are Berker, daitem, diagral, EFEN and ELCOM. These brands enable us to have all the skills necessary to develop innovative products, systems and services in the field of building automation.

We work with customers in the industry and electrical fields to future themes such as: electric vehicles, environmental assistance life (AAL) programs (among which building automation facilitates the daily lives of the elderly and those who need to be cared for, and energy-saving residential networking can improve the comfort of life and reduce energy consumption). The link between these technologies is building automation and its products that we grow up with.

At the same time, adhering to the consistent innovation tradition, Hagrid group has more than 720 experienced R & D engineers worldwide. The company will use more than 5% of the sales annually for the research and development of new products. Up to now, our patents have reached 1349.


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