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Wolong Electric Group Co., Ltd

Date:2021-02-23 View:8

Wolong Electric

Wolong Electric Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1998 and listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in June 2002, has 20 first-class subsidiaries, more than 15000 employees, total assets of 14.065 billion yuan and annual sales of 9.474 billion yuan in 2015.

The company sets motor and control, power transmission and transformation, power battery three product chains, products cover all kinds of micro and special motor and control, low-voltage motor and control, high-voltage motor and control, power battery and transmission and transformation equipment 40 series, more than 3000 varieties, leading the international and domestic mainstream market and supporting many national key engineering projects, the economic indicators for many years in domestic counterparts First. The production bases are located in Shangyu, Shaoxing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Huai'an, Beijing, Yinchuan, Wuhan, Jinan, Qingdao, Yantai, Wuhu, Nanyang and Chenzhou of China; nustanau and Spielberg of Austria; Birmingham, Huddersfield, Norwich and Leeds of England; nordenham, mensingladbach and Welzheim of Germany; serbor and suboti of Austria They are: TSA; tarnuf, Poland; Modena, Italy. The company has three research institutes of motor and drive control technology in Hangzhou, Osaka, Japan and Eindhoven, the Netherlands. It is a national key high-tech enterprise with postdoctoral research station and national key laboratory, Provincial Electric Research Institute and national enterprise technology center. The company has established a comprehensive information efficient management and operation system, applied OA, ERP, PLM, CRM and other modern management systems, and established a standardized corporate governance structure and modern enterprise management system.

During the 13th Five Year Plan period, Wolong Electric will accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, enhance industrial scale efficiency, and comprehensively enhance the comprehensive competitive strength and sustainable development ability of the enterprise, To form a high-tech, high growth and high-efficiency multinational enterprise group with international market, high-end industry and modern management, and strive to become a leading enterprise with advanced core technology, advanced enterprise management, lean product manufacturing, unified market system and integrated system service, and with excellent competitiveness and service ability in the global motor industry and market.


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