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Aluminum alloy construction fence has great potential

Date:2021-09-17 View:361

Every year, a large number of outdoor projects around the world enter the construction period, many of which are located in urban or more densely populated areas. To further establish a civilized construction image, create an eco-friendly construction environment and protect pedestrians and surrounding residents, it is particularly important to use shelters to enclose the construction site, such as iron, bamboo mat, steel plate and other material shelters, which have become many construction projects. With the popularity of aluminum alloy application, aluminum alloy fence plate can also be used as one of the choices of such shelter, and has more, convenient and beautiful features.

According to the author's understanding, China's use of aluminum alloy hoardings at construction sites should be the major repair project of Suzhou's urban municipal department on Jingde Road in 2018. The aluminum alloy construction fence it uses is 2.2 meters high, with columns installed on concrete pier seats painted with yellow and black diagonal strip coating and set with reflective contour markers and solar-powered police lights. Its aluminum alloy panels are surface-treated and anodized, which have strong corrosion resistance and are not afraid of sunlight and night exposure, but also ensure that the whole construction site is fully isolated from the outside world. The aluminum alloy fence is manufactured by standard factory integrated production and assembled at the site, the joints are connected by fasteners and screws, which is very convenient for disassembly and modification, and all structural parts can be reused, which not only saves the preparation time in the pre-construction stage, but also meets the environmental protection requirement of recycling. Compared with the traditional foam sandwich panel fence, the new and ornamental value of aluminum alloy fence has a longer service life, stronger solidity and beauty, which can improve the site environment and enhance the construction image.

Aluminum alloy fence panels can be extruded from 6063 alloy commonly used in the construction industry. This is a commonly used deformed aluminum alloy with extrudable properties from the U.S. Its composition (mass %) is Si0.20~0.60, Fe0.35, Cu0.10, Mg0.45~0.80, Cr0.10, Zn0.10, other impurities single 0.05, total 0.15, the rest is Al. In addition, 6063 aluminum alloy for producing hoardings is available as much scrap aluminum as possible, but the final composition of the alloy meets the above requirements, i.e. standard requirements, in order to recycle the material.

Any construction site needs hoardings, which is a market that cannot be ignored and is promising. It is suggested that aluminum processing enterprises actively promote the application of aluminum alloy hoardings, carry out aluminum alloy hoardings for external rental business, and set up a hoarding service team to provide relevant services for the installation and dismantling of hoardings.

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