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Nanhai Aluminum Ash Emergency Utilization Project Commissioning

Date:2021-09-17 View:450

"Buzzing rumble ......" a roar of machines sounded, the conveyor belt began to run, aluminum ash into a large drum. Recently, the South China Sea aluminum ash emergency utilization project began trial operation, meaning that the South China Sea opened a new period of harmless resource utilization of aluminum ash, extending the renewable aluminum industry chain.

Aluminum ash is a solid waste produced in the process of aluminum ingot processing, which will produce ammonia gas when it meets water and has two dangerous characteristics of reactivity and toxicity, and the untreated aluminum ash will cause pollution to the surrounding environment. In the "National Hazardous Waste List (2021 Edition)", the primary aluminum ash, secondary aluminum ash, dust ash, etc. produced by the aluminum processing industry are all included in the management of hazardous waste, aluminum ash has become a "hot potato" in the hands of manufacturers.

In the industrial development of Nanhai, aluminum industry has always occupied an important position. According to industry associations, the annual output capacity of the aluminum industry in Nanhai District is more than 3 million tons, with an output value of more than 60 billion yuan. In order to properly solve the urgent problems faced by the South China Sea aluminum processing enterprises aluminum ash, reduce environmental risks, the South China Sea adhere to the "self-commitment, unblocking, long-term combination of" principle, many times to carry out surveys and mapping, scientific evidence, decided to hand over to the Foshan Nanhai Great Wall Metal Co. Use.

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