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Jiangsu Tianrong Group Co., Ltd

Date:2021-03-09 View:193

Jiangsu Tianrong group is a large-scale high-tech group integrating pesticide manufacturing and international trade. Its administrative headquarters is located on the 10th floor, block B, Changfa center, No. 300, Zhongshan East Road, Nanjing. Under the jurisdiction of Jiangsu Tianrong Group Co., Ltd. (parent company, Yancheng, designated technical drug), Jiangsu lvlilai Co., Ltd. (Yancheng, designated technical drug), Jiangsu Zhongyi Chemical Co., Ltd. (Yancheng, designated technical drug), Jiangsu Ruihe Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Nanjing, designated preparation processing), there are four national designated pesticide production enterprises, as well as Jiangsu Tianrong International Trade Co., Ltd Ltd. (Nanjing) and Jiangsu bionic pesticide Engineering Technology Research Center (Nanjing).

Jiangsu Tianrong group has strong technical force, excellent production equipment and excellent product quality. The group has 1 postdoctoral research workstation, 1 bionic pesticide Engineering Technology Research Center, 1 enterprise technology center, 2 municipal enterprise technology centers, 30 invention patents, and more than 100 awards including science and technology progress award.

In recent years, with the care and support of leading departments at all levels, the careful planning of the group's board of directors and the joint efforts of all employees, the group's leading products have been greatly improved in process technology and production scale, including 8 products such as cartap, Shachongdan, Shachongshuang, shachonghuan, fenoxaprop and safety agent, bentazone and Quinclorac Technology, product quality and production capacity have been improved significantly.


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