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Chengde green world Activated Carbon Co., Ltd

Date:2021-03-09 View:197

"Green world" company is a large-scale domestic enterprise which uses waste shell resources as raw materials to produce high-quality shell activated carbon. The workshop and office building covers an area of 37495 square meters. The company's industrial products are divided into three series and more than 30 varieties. There are more than 100 varieties in four series of cultural and creative products.

In 2013, the company built a peach planting base with an area of 1000 mu, with an annual output of 2000 tons of peach shell. Meanwhile, the company will set up purchasing agents all over the country. Such as: mountain peach shell concentrated medicine base Anguo; apricot shell base Pingquan almond Market; peach shell base Huiyuan juice production area. Purchase on the spot to ensure the supply of raw materials.

Shell is a kind of renewable resources, in line with the concept of circular economy development, is the development of agriculture and forestry industry. It is closely linked with the interests of farmers. It is a direct industry for farmers to become rich and well-off and realize economic income. In the past two years, the company has directly purchased more than 5000 farmers' shells. Among them, more than 2000 households have been driven by signing contracts directly with farmers. Signing contracts with large professional households has led to more than 3000 households.

Over the years, through technological transformation, the company has reduced the raw material consumption per ton of activated carbon from 7-8 tons in the past to 5-6 tons now. In the past, raw coal was used for heating, but now the heat released from raw material carbonization is fully utilized, and the integrated furnace and converter for carbon activation are realized through circulating heating.


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