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Changzhou polar Solar Power Co., Ltd

Date:2021-03-09 View:198

Polar solar energy (polar power investment); business scope: design, development, production and sales of solar photovoltaic crystalline silicon, crystalline silicon, green solar photovoltaic cells, high-performance solar cell modules and grid connected photovoltaic system. Products are mainly used in commercial, household and industrial off grid, grid connected solar power generation system, as well as photovoltaic power stations and other front-end areas.

Changzhou polar Solar Power Co., Ltd. is based on the professional, large-scale and international development road. It introduces a full set of solar PV module production lines of current international level. It has a business management team and R & D team composed of industry experts. Its products are sold to international markets such as Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Britain, Japan, Canada and some emerging countries.

Polar has always been adhering to the core values of "creating customers with quality and winning competition with cost". With the mission of "developing green energy and creating a happy life", polar focuses on providing safe solar photovoltaic modules for global customers, building solar energy enterprises, and providing green, environmental protection and affordable clean energy for the world.

The main products of polar company are: J series monocrystalline silicon solar cell module, polycrystalline silicon high-quality solar cell module, polycrystalline silicon solar cell; cell module, grid connected solar power generation system, high-performance solar cell panel, H series + 6W solar photovoltaic panel, T series + 8W solar cell module, F series positive power difference photovoltaic module.


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