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Hunan Innovation (Group) Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Date:2021-03-09 View:206

Hunan Innovation (Group) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a key national leading enterprise and national high-tech enterprise in agricultural industrialization, which was founded in 1988. It was rated as "gold customer" by the head office of Agricultural Development Bank of China, and rated as AAA grade enterprise by Hunan Branch of agricultural issuance. There are 860 employees and more than 210 professional technicians. It has subsidiaries including Hunan Innovation Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Hunan Innovation Feed Co., Ltd., Hunan Animal Farm Food Co., Ltd., Hunan new Changfu meat products Co., Ltd., Hunan animal farm pig breeding and Operation Co., Ltd., Hunan Animal Farm Park Honghui breeding base, etc., with a total output value of 650million yuan in 2010.

After 12 years of development, innovation has gradually formed a long industrial chain operation system with no anti feed R & D, production and sales as the leading point, which integrates scale breeding of non resistant pigs, deep processing of non resistant meat products and large-scale commercial logistics. The leading product of the company is "super large" brand feed series, which is leading the industry with high scientific and technological content and green ecology. It has been awarded the title of "famous brand in China" and "famous brand product of Hunan Province".

In order to improve the scientific and technological content of enterprises and products and accelerate the development of agricultural industrialization, Hunan innovative biotechnology independently developed the first-class "no resistance" feed production technology in the world, which won the first prize of Hengyang science and technology progress. The company adopts various operation modes such as "enterprise + dealer + farmer", "enterprise + farmer", "enterprise + breeding cooperative", "enterprise + base + farmer" to promote and sell multi-level and multi-level, and realize the annual sales of pollution-free green feed reaches 190million yuan, realizes profits and taxes of more than 10 million yuan, drives nearly 10000 households, and solves 47000 labor employment. It is expected to open 5-8 branches in Hunan Province within three years, and achieve annual sales of 500000 tons of non anti feed.

In 2009, the innovation group invested RMB 500million to build Hunan animal farm food industrial park. About three years after the project was completed and put into operation, it can slaughter 2million pigs without anti-resistant pigs, 500 non anti-green meat specialty stores, 4000 tons of refined processed and exported pork, 10 large-scale farms, 1500 "company + farmers" farms (households), with an annual output value of RMB 4billion, which will drive Hengyang and surrounding areas The reform of the regional pig breeding industry has no resistance to green culture, which promotes the brand development of pig breeding in the region, and comprehensively overflows the economic benefits of the vast number of farms (households). At the same time, the whole industrial chain meat food from production of non resistant feed to breeding, slaughtering and processing of non resistant pigs and sales of non resistant meat products is controllable and traceable, so that the masses can eat real green and safe pork.

In June, 2010, the company has started the stock reform and listing work, and has been listed as the key listed backup enterprises in Hunan Province in 2011, striving to enter the list of Listed Companies in the last two years.


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