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Huzhou Linghu Chenyi village California Bass professional cooperative

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The former name of the state bass is big mouth black bass. Taxonomically, it belongs to Perciformes and sunfish family. It originated from Mississippi River System in California, USA. It is a kind of rare carnivorous fish with delicious meat, strong disease resistance, rapid growth, easy to catch and wide temperature tolerance. Now through the introduction, it has been widely distributed in the United States, Canada and other freshwater waters, especially in the Great Lakes. At present, California Bass has also been introduced to the United Kingdom, France, South Africa, Brazil, the Philippines and other countries. It was introduced into Taiwan Province in 1970s and has been bred for several generations. Shenzhen, Huiyang, Foshan and other places in Guangdong Province also introduced the fry of Lateolabrax japonicus in 1983 and successfully propagated them in 1985. The fish fry have been introduced to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shandong and other places for breeding, and have achieved good economic benefits.

California perch can be mixed with domestic fish or raised alone in ponds, or intensively raised in clear water ponds. Due to its solid meat quality, delicate flavor, and the fact that it's on the market in vivo, it can also be viewed and selected by diners in restaurants and aquariums. Therefore, it's inferior to the local perch and mandarin fish. It can be said that it's the best-selling fish with high price. In addition, California perch can be used for fishing by tourists, so it is loved by the majority of anglers all over the world, which is undoubtedly very beneficial to the development of fishing fisheries, attracting tourists and increasing economic income.

California perch grows fast, and the fry can grow to 0.5 kg, reaching the market standard. One week old fish can reproduce when they are sexually mature. It can effectively control the excessive reproduction of wild fish, shrimp and tilapia in ponds, whether they are raised alone or mixed in ponds. It can be said that there are many fish at one stroke, so it is an excellent breed worthy of promotion.


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