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Nantong Zhoushi Biotechnology Co., Ltd

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Jiangsu Nantong Zhoushi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established on April 5, 2007.

Rudong County covers an area of 1872 square kilometers (excluding sea area) and has a population of 1.011 million (by the end of 2002). The Yangkou Port under construction is expected to become a river sea direct canal and a developed port industrial belt seaport. Yangkou Port has advantages over Shanghai in water depth, It is an excellent supplement to Shanghai international shipping center. The climate belongs to the north subtropical marine monsoon climate zone. Affected by the ocean regulation and monsoon circulation, it has four distinct seasons, sufficient light, abundant rainfall, and an annual average temperature of 15 ℃. It is suitable for human life and crop growth. The county has fertile land, abundant water and grass, luxuriant trees and verdant countryside, rich in cotton, grain, fruits and vegetables. For example, the east coast is long and the beach is wide, which has the advantages of fishing and salt. In addition to grain, cotton, oil, cocoons, pigs and other agricultural and sideline products resources, the vast sea area and beaches have brought inexhaustible wealth. Coastal resources are very rich, there are more than 50 kinds of shallow shellfish, clams, exports more than 6000 tons per year. In addition, there are "Xishi tongue", razor clam, mud snail, clam, Acacia snail, horned snail, etc. There are more than 100 kinds of common fish, and yellow croaker, pomfret, mackerel, mullet, goblet, swordfish, tilapia, arrow, puffer fish and so on are well-known. Shrimp and crab are famous for red shrimp, white shrimp, prawn, golden hook shrimp, Portunus, green crab, Guangong crab, etc. Eel fry known as "soft gold" and seaweed, roast eel, shrimps, dried clam (powder), "zuibaxian" which are deeply processed with seafood are more popular at home and abroad. Rudong County is the national aquatic products production and export base.

Nantong Zhoushi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is an economic entity specialized in breeding, breeding, technical training, product processing and sales of insects and special economic animals. Combined with China's abundant breeding industry, the company develops new insect protein feed additives or processing formula feed to replace meat and bone meal and fish meal, and uses digital technology for compound insect powder and feed combination, so as to meet the requirements of raising livestock and poultry, reasonable diet, balanced nutrition, fitness and disease resistance, and green safety.

The operation mechanism of Nantong Zhoushi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is to develop free range farmers or breeding production bases in all parts of the country with the insect industry as the main body, and uniformly recycle the products of the company's free range farmers or breeding bases, Through the reasonable deep processing of relevant science and technology departments, the company has built a large-scale protein feed additive production base with insect as the main raw material in Central Jiangsu and even in the whole country.

The company's development philosophy and belief: Based on the reality, promote the industrialization of insect resources with science and technology, open up new ways of insect protein resources, follow the direction of food energy flow, transform and utilize agricultural organic waste resources, and form a circular three-dimensional industrial structure as a whole.

The company's service tenet: to serve the aquaculture industry in Jiangsu Province, and at the same time to seek a way to get rich for the majority of farmers.


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