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Guizhou Kailin Group Co., Ltd

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Founded in 1958, it is an underground mining enterprise of phosphate rock. It is a modern large enterprise group integrating mining industry, phosphorus chemical industry, chlor alkali chemical industry and fluorine chemical industry

Guizhou Kaiyang phosphorite holding (Group) Co., Ltd., formerly known as Guizhou Kaiyang phosphorite, was established in 1958.

After 60 years of construction and development, Kailin has become a modern large enterprise group integrating mining, phosphorus chemical industry, coal chemical industry, chlor alkali chemical industry, fluorine silicon iodine chemical industry, trade logistics, construction materials, property services and other industries, with 14322 employees. It has formed a series of new green building materials production capacity of 10 million tons / year phosphate ore, 5.73 million tons / year fertilizer, 1.1 million tons / year synthetic ammonia, 100000 tons / year ammonium nitrate, 75000 tons / year sodium fluosilicate, 100 tons / year iodine, 60000 tons / year pentaerythritol, 10000 tons / year trimethylolpropane, 20000 tons / year resin coating, 10000 tons / year iron phosphate, 4500 tons / year (battery grade) ferrous oxalate and phosphogypsum . The products sell well in 29 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, and are exported to Asia, America, the Middle East, Australia and other countries and regions.

Kailin has a unique advantage of phosphorus resources. Kaiyang Phosphate mining area belongs to the national planning mining area, with proven reserves of 1.1 billion tons. It has the characteristics of large reserves of phosphate resources, high grade, less harmful impurities, and extremely low content of heavy metal elements. The average content of phosphorus pentoxide is 33.67%. 78% of the high-quality phosphate rocks with more than 33% of the national phosphorus pentoxide content are concentrated in Kaiyang Phosphate mining area.

In the next step, relying on the multi industry platform that has been formed, kaip will further extend to the fine chemical industry of phosphorus and coal, and expand to the fluorine chemical industry and silicon chemical industry, so as to build kaip group into a phosphorus and phosphating group with low input, high output, low energy consumption, energy circulation, outstanding aggregation effect, perfect supporting facilities, beautiful ecological environment, obvious industrial structure characteristics and outstanding comparative advantages Industrial pioneer enterprise group.


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