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Shenzhen Zhenhua Group Co., Ltd

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Shenzhen Zhenhua Group Co., Ltd. is an economic entity funded by enterprises affiliated to China Light Industry Federation system, and a window enterprise established by national light industry system in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, The company was founded in 1984. Its original name was Shenzhen Zhenhua Light Industry Enterprise Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive enterprise registered in Shenzhen Administration for Industry and commerce with the approval of the former Ministry of light industry, Guangdong Province and Shenzhen municipal government. The registered capital of the company is 32.284713 million yuan and it has the status of independent legal person. The general business items are: the export of light industrial products and other commodities and the import of light industrial products, chemical products and other commodities (specifically in accordance with the Ministry of economic and trade [92] waijingjingjingguanti Shenzheng Zi No. a19040 document), the development of compensation trade, the sale of light industrial products, arts and crafts products (excluding gold and silver jewelry), carpets, clothing and its raw materials, building materials

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