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PetroChina jichai power plant

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PetroChina jichai power plant

Founded in 1920, jichai is one of the earliest manufacturers of diesel engines in China. It was named "Jinan diesel engine factory" in 1953 and is still in use today. As early as the 1960s, a high-power 190 diesel engine was successfully developed, giving China petroleum drilling rig "its own heart". Over the years, jichai engine has equipped more than 90% of China's oil drilling teams, breaking the technical constraints and price monopoly of foreign similar products, and making due contributions to the development of China's oil industry.

In recent years, under the guidance of scientific outlook on development, jichai adheres to the characteristic development road, vigorously implements the development strategy of "diversification and internationalization", and creates a series of internal combustion engine products which can be applied to multi fuel, multi field and different cylinder diameter series. Jichai has won the only Chinese famous trademark of non road internal combustion engine in China, covering oil, marine, military, power station and combustible oil Gas utilization, environmental protection and many other fields, and exported to more than 50 countries and regions in the world. The industry has expanded to the upstream and downstream of the business chain and power extension products, forming an industrial cluster focusing on compressor manufacturing and prying, hydraulic transmission device, gas power integration and power electrical control device. At the same time, jichai also actively operates overseas enterprises to realize local production in South America and Southeast Asia. In 2009, with the international financial crisis spreading wantonly, jichai faced challenges, increased internal pressure and scrambled for opportunities to promote development. Its operating revenue still maintained a 50% growth momentum, which is also one of the few in the same industry.

One of the earliest manufacturers of diesel engine.

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