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Ghana's foreign trade surplus will reach US $2 billion in 2020

Date:2021-02-17 View:11

According to the data provided by the Central Bank of Ghana, thanks to the strong international gold price, Ghana's foreign trade surplus will reach US $2 billion in 2020, equivalent to 3% of Ghana's GDP. Although COVID-19 slowed down the economy and hindered the development of trade, Garner's total trade volume amounted to 26 billion 880 million US dollars in 2020, of which 1 billion 445 million US dollars were exported and 1 billion 243 million US dollars were imported. In 2020, Ghana will export 6.7 billion US dollars of gold, accounting for 47% of its total exports, 2.9 billion US dollars of oil, accounting for 20.1%, and 2.3 billion US dollars of cocoa, accounting for 16.1%. In 2019, Ghana's total foreign trade is 29 billion US dollars, including exports of 1.56 billion US dollars and imports of 13.4 billion US dollars. Affected by the epidemic, Ghana's total foreign trade in 2020 will be 26.88 billion US dollars, a decrease of 7%.

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