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how much should a tungsten carbide ring cost ?

Date:2021-11-02 View:441

How Much Should a Tungsten Carbide Ring Cost ?

As U know, tungsten carbide rings vary greatly in price. How much is a tungsten carbide ring worth? 

When you are shopping online, you will absolutely find that tungsten rings vary in price. From $10to $1100. You will also find that most tungsten rings on eBay or Wish are about $20-$50,But the same ring on Amazon is 50$-200$ , 

There are many reasons that tungsten rings vary greatly in price.

The Cost of Selling Tungsten Rings

They sell for a higher price due to the cost, such a store location, advertising cost and other costs. You will find there is no difference at all. Some companies or some stores would charge you more than $350 for a ring that is the exact same ring that you can find on Amazon for $30.

If you buy a tungsten ring on a website or company, you may pay $5o, you may get 90 days warranty.  if you buy a tungsten ring at Amazon or eBay. You only need to pay $20 or $30. But you only get 30 days warranty.

If you pay more than $200 for one tungsten ring, most of the time the seller will provide a lifetime warranty. You can replace a new tungsten ring for free if you break it or your fingers grows big or any other quality problems.

I know some sellers want to “kill ” me if I am telling the truthAs a manufacturer, I think I need to tell you the truth. You have the rights to know the truth. There is not a lot of labor or technology in a plain band or rings, so it will not cost much extra. You guys can check the metal prices on Google(tungsten is $1 per ounce). You will know the true value. Tungsten ring is absolutely overpriced and sellers count on you not knowing the true value of tungsten rings.

Actually, there is no difference at all. The only difference is the tungsten ring with Cobalt or With Nickel I mention above. Remember to buy the tungsten ring with nickel.

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