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Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Company Limited

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Guangzhou Pharmaceutical is the largest Chinese patent medicine manufacturer in China. It has a long history in Chinese patent medicine manufacturing industry, and has many time-honored brands and rich product resources

State owned assets management, investment, development and financing. Development and production of Chinese patent medicine (with license). Production of biological products, health care drugs and health care drinks (operating with license). Wholesale and retail trade (including proprietary Chinese medicine, except for the items exclusively controlled by other countries). General freight (with license). Freight forwarder. (the following are operated by branches) wholesale: Chinese herbal medicines (acquisition), Chinese herbal pieces, Chinese patent medicines, chemical raw materials, chemical drug preparations, antibiotic raw materials, antibiotic preparations, biochemical drugs, biological products (except vaccines) (with drug business license). Sales: three types of injection puncture equipment, medical X-ray equipment, extracorporeal circulation and blood processing equipment, operating room, emergency room, clinic equipment and appliances, medical polymer materials and products; two types of common diagnostic equipment, medical optical equipment, instruments and endoscopic equipment, physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment, medical X-ray accessory equipment and components, medical suture materials and adhesives Software (with medical device business license). Wholesale: first class medical devices. Technical services for new technologies, new products and new materials in the pharmaceutical field. Commodity information consultation. Import and export of goods and Technology (except for items prohibited by laws and administrative regulations; items restricted by laws and administrative regulations can only be operated after obtaining permission). We are engaged in the processing of imported materials and the business of "three supplies and one compensation". The venue is for rent. Storage (except hazardous chemicals)

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