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Yangzhou Jiuyin Guqin workshop

Date:2021-01-12 View:119

Yangzhou Long Yin Guqin Fang brings together the essence of ancient and modern wisdom to collect the essence of hundreds of families and inherits the national rhyme. We hope to know each other how to know how to redeem myself and to stand upright with spirit. There is a way in the zither, but everyone's fate is different, and each zither of Jiuyin has its own blessing. I hope that each zither of Jiuyin can become a scepter to subdue delusions, a boat to the other side, and a night light on the way home. We believe that you and I will meet unexpectedly and smile.

Jiuyin Guqin workshop is located in Yangzhou, the birthplace of Guangling Guqin school. It was founded in 2008 and has a number of senior teachers studying Guqin.

We visit all over the world, mobile phones all over the elite, with the heart of craftsman, to create a really good Guqin. Adhering to principles and inheriting the experience of the ancient legal system,

We use ingenuity to express our respect for Guqin and send you a really good Guqin.


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