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TOP 10 Toilet Lid Brands in China 2021 DY770025

Date:2021-02-18 View:448

DY77.COM presents the most comprehensive list of the  Toilet Lid manufacturers and suppliers in China,below is list of TOP 10  Toilet Lid brand to get the best quote for your requirement.

TOP 10  Toilet Lid Room Brands in China

  • HCG
    Hecheng group is a well-known multinational company in the field of professional bathroom. It was founded in 1931 by the founder Mr. Qiu Hecheng in Yingge, Taiwan. After 78 years of development and experience, Hecheng has built a strong sanitary kingdom with innovation, quality and service, covering sanitary ware, building materials, precision ceramics, Kitchenware and kitchen equipment, and ranks among the "top ten sanitary groups in the world".

  • Panasonic Jiele
    Matsushita Jiele is a famous brand of intelligent toilet under Matsushita's residential facilities business. Panasonic is a multinational company with more than 230 companies around the world

  • TOTO
    In 1917, Toto was founded as Toyo pottery Co., Ltd., and later renamed toto (toto Machinery Co., Ltd.). In 1912, a laboratory specialized in the research and development of sanitary ceramics was established (at that time, sanitary ceramics products were very common in Europe and the United States, but wooden toilets were still popular in Japan. Compared with today's advanced sanitary culture in Japan, there was a big contrast). With the wide sales of these sanitary ceramics products, Toto challenged the traditional sanitary concepts that had been accepted by the public until now Today, Toto continues to work on this.

  • Ryoji
    Xi'an Sanhua Liangzhi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. (formerly Xi'an Liangzhi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.) is the holding company of Sanhua Holding Group Co., Ltd., which is committed to the R & D, manufacturing and marketing of Chinese family body cleaning products and bathroom electrical appliances series products to improve the quality of Chinese family life. It is the first symbolic enterprise in China to enter the body cleaning industry, and is also China's "toilet body cleaning device" It is an important part of the industry standard. With a thorough understanding of China's family health environment and consumer needs, and with the help of powerful product R & D and manufacturing management technology, it is the eternal pursuit of enterprises to provide cost-effective sanitary products suitable for the actual needs of future family life. The company's brands of "Xizhilang" and "zealous people" have customers and customers all over China's major cities and some overseas markets.

  • BJB
    Zhejiang Xingxing Jiebao Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of China Xingxing group, a giant in China's household appliance industry. Founded in 1998, the company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of intelligent toilet

  • Kohler
    Kohler company, founded in 1873 and headquartered in Wisconsin, is one of the oldest and largest family businesses in the United States. Kohler is a global leader in kitchen and bathroom products, engine and power generation systems, furniture, home decoration, hotel services and first-class golf clubs.

  • American Standard

  • Novita
    Novida was first founded in 1984 as a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics (strain) Hanyi appliance, which has been keeping pace with the changing history of Korean life style. As an advocate of healthy life, novida began to independently develop intelligent seat cover in 1996, demonstrating the advanced living water rapid heating technology of South Korea, metal stainless steel nozzle, ion water purification filter element, etc. Since 2003, our products have been sold well in Japan, America, Canada, Russia, Taiwan and Europe. In 2014, at the commemorative ceremony of the 51st "trade day" in South Korea, the South Korean government awarded the "export tower Award" in recognition of novida's outstanding export achievements and contribution to the national economy.

  • annwa

  • Haier bathroom
    In December 2015, Haier joined hands with Japan's JRM Research Institute to set up a laboratory, announcing its entry into the intelligent body cleaner (toilet cover) industry. "Relying on Haier's U + platform resource advantages and Japan's JRM Research Institute's authoritative technical support, China's intelligent body cleaner is just around the corner!" Experts in the home appliance industry are very excited about Haier's entry into the field of intelligent body cleaners. Under the background of foreign brands' acclimatization and domestic brands' inborn deficiency, Haier's entry with strong resources and technology is bound to rewrite Chinese people's cognition and consumption trend of intelligent body cleaner products.

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