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Inner Mongolia Yili Energy Co., Ltd. (600277)

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Inner Mongolia Yili Energy Co., Ltd. (600277)

Yili Jieneng Co., Ltd. (formerly Inner Mongolia Yili Energy Co., Ltd.) is a joint-stock company established by Yili Resources Group Co., Ltd. as the main sponsor in January 1999. The company was approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission on July 4, 2000 and listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange. Stock Code: 600277. The registered capital is 2738.9401 million yuan. The company changed its name to Yili Jieneng Co., Ltd. in December 2015, and the stock abbreviation was changed to Yili Jieneng accordingly.

Adhering to the concept of "green development, ecological priority", the company actively responds to the call of national policies on green development, energy conservation and emission reduction, and takes advantage of the achievements of the controlling shareholder Yili resources group in the field of ecological restoration to make full use of the local natural endowment and advantageous resources, We will develop a large-scale circular industry with high-efficiency comprehensive utilization of coal as the breakthrough point and a three-dimensional ecological new energy industry with photovoltaic sand control as the leading role, and coordinate the development of thermal power and supply chain logistics business in the park. During the fourteenth Five Year Plan period, the company will, on the basis of consolidating the existing advantages of ecological industry, deeply adjust the industrial structure, focus on the investment and operation of new materials and new energy industries, expand and strengthen the photovoltaic sand control industry, and make contributions to the realization of the goals of "2030 carbon peak" and "2060 carbon neutralization".

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