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Henan Shenhuo Coal Power Co., Ltd. (000933)

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Henan Shenhuo Coal Power Co., Ltd. (000933)

Henan Shenhuo Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise in Shangqiu City, mainly engaged in coal, power generation, electrolytic aluminum production and aluminum deep processing. Its subsidiary Henan Shenhuo Coal and Power Co., Ltd. "Shenhuo shares" was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1999.

At present, the company has total assets of 58 billion yuan and 29000 employees. The annual production capacity of its main products is 12 million tons of coal, 1.7 million tons of electrolytic aluminum, 2000 MW of installed power generation capacity, 550000 tons of carbon, 1 million tons of alumina, and 300000 tons of aluminum alloy, aluminum plate, strip and foil.

After 26 years of development, it has formed an energy supply pattern with Shenhuo headquarters port as the center and five production bases in Henan, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Shanghai and Guangxi as the radiation points, serving the whole country and facing the world. Its comprehensive strength has been continuously enhanced and its brand image has continued to improve. In particular, since 2017, the company has been determined to reform and make innovation breakthroughs, and has walked out a green and high-quality development road of "entity + capital" two wheel drive with the characteristics of Shenhuo. The electrolytic aluminum production capacity has jumped to the sixth in China.

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