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The 33th 2021 Shanghai venture project investment and chain to join the exhibition

Date:2021-02-22 View:75

Time: 2021 / 12 / 15 --- 2021 / 12 / 17

Exhibition hall: Shanghai New International Expo Center, 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China

The impact of the global financial crisis has not yet fully recovered, coupled with inflation, all walks of life around the world are facing a severe test. In response to the national policy, further stimulating domestic demand has become an effective way to promote China's economic development. In the response measures of expanding domestic demand and increasing consumption, encouraging entrepreneurship and promoting employment through entrepreneurship have become one of the main policy lines.

According to the 13th five year plan, the Shanghai municipal government has issued many preferential policies to give more entrepreneurs more opportunities. In order to promote the development of entrepreneurial projects and investment franchise industry, help small and medium-sized enterprises to enhance their confidence, seize development opportunities in the preferential policies of the state and Shanghai municipal government, actively promote self entrepreneurship to promote reemployment, and let investors find better projects in the preferential policies, "2021 (Shanghai) 33rd International Venture Capital Chain Franchise Exhibition" was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center for joint cooperation Create a new space for entrepreneurship and development.

Catering food: Chinese and Western restaurants, baking project agent. Hotel, specialty food, coffee and beverage shop, tea shop, tea house chain, leisure food, seafood, fast food, local flavor food, specialty snacks, leisure food, pastry, beverage, moon cake, bar, franchise organization;

Education and training: education and training, education and entrepreneurship, early childhood education, adult professional education, children's intelligence development games, online games, animation, management software development and other cultural and creative projects;

Franchise services: laundry, washing and dyeing, washing equipment, retail (convenience stores, supermarkets, medicine stores), automobile service, automobile care and beauty, automobile maintenance and repair, real estate development, real estate agency, property management, image design, quick printing, wedding photography, tourism, book audio-visual, housekeeping services and other franchise chain organizations;

Brand franchise: home accessories, home textiles, famous brand home textiles, kitchen supplies, kitchen utensils, household appliances, clothing agents, underwear, shoes and hats, national clothing, sporting goods monopoly, women's products monopoly, infant and child products monopoly, food and health products monopoly, golden pearl Jewelry, gifts, handicrafts, bags, leather goods, glasses, stationery, toys and other monopoly:

Beauty and fitness: beauty and fitness, leisure and fitness, beauty and hairdressing, cosmetics, health care and other chain institutions, postpartum recovery institutions;

Medical and health care: medical equipment, health care products, health food, all kinds of health products. adult erotica products;

Scientific and technological achievements: patented technology, HVAC boiler. Electrical appliances, new green products, energy-saving products, registered trademarks, new premium products, etc;

Business invitation: business invitation for shops, shops, development zones, woodlands, barren hills, beaches, lakes and other real rights contracting and leasing;

Enterprise development: accounting, law, insurance companies, banks, investment and financial institutions, etc;

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