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How to classify makeup styles?

Date:2021-10-25 View:16

1. Girly

Makeup focus: suitable for light makeup, use mascara to brush thick and thick eyelashes, be careful not to "fly legs", emphasize round lips, should not be too thick foundation, soft and elegant makeup, mainly emphasize eyelashes and mouth

2. Elegant

Makeup focus: Makeup face is clean, should not be too rich, emphasize eyelashes, dilute eye shadow and lipstick

3. Juvenile

Makeup focus: Emphasize the eye, eyelashes should not be very curved or warped, eyeliner should be straight, eye shadow should not be too heavy, avoid crescent eyebrows, lipstick should not be too thick, the overall makeup should be capable and refreshing, and the curve feeling should not be emphasized.

4. Natural type

Makeup focus: light makeup is better, don't overemphasize the color of eye shadow and lipstick.

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